From 7 April 2022: Cost surcharge on raw materials, energy and aluminum

We are in a situation of extraordinary dynamics: We are continuously confronted with daily prices and increased energy costs – this also affects our core products, the profiles of the item Building Kit System.  

Delivery capability and customer service have always been top priorities for item. This means that we are optimally positioned to ensure the availability of our building blocks for you, our customers, even now!

We have planned for the long term and are in partnership with our suppliers to ensure this goal.

In this course it is necessary to apply a general surcharge on raw materials and energy costs from 07/04/2022 on the products of the existing price list 2022. There will be no aluminum surcharge on the core products of the modular system.

The following surcharges will apply from 7 April 2022:  

Aluminum and energy cost surcharge: 17.3%

General material and energy cost surcharge: 9.5%

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